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Brač people, your hosts. Patient, strong, unique in their simplicity and modesty, in the beauty of hospitality, they will be the host you will always remember, and we believe, return to. Because there are few places like Pučišća, which, in their geographical appeal, so powerfully capture all the senses, not only of its inhabitants, but even more so of intending travelers.

So come and live with us, at least for a while. Be one of us, be ours. May the old bell from the campanile wake you up in the morning, just like it wakes us. And while the sun is peeking out in the east, filling the sky with the warm summer colours, you will experience the Mediterranean in all its beauty: the fishermen returning from the sea, and your host already waiting for them by the centuries-old stone fish market. Squid, octopus and shrimp – today we will treat ourselves well!

We will offer you the best we have. May you, like us, smell hot bread under the oven, may your palate be awakened by Brač cheese in olive oil, may a glass of red wine invigorate you. You will try the lamb with us, and we will explain you how vitalac is made.

You too will feel what it's like to pick a fig from a tree and then toast in the courtyard with a glass of orahovica. And if nona is in a good mood, you will also sense the smell of our hrostule.

You will experience what it's like to fall asleep allured by the scents of lavender and rosemary wafting through the courtyard window. To rest in silence interrupted only by the song of the crickets and gently rising waves.

It doesn't matter if you want to stay in a small stone house by the seashore, in a modern house in an olive grove, in an apartment or in one of the hotels, your host is always the same, eager to open the door of his heart to you, waiting for you to find him.

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Official Pučišća Tourist Board

Trg Hrvatskog skupa 1

21412 Pučišća

OIB: 18998435853

Tel: +385 21 633 555


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