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Find the world for yourself

"I've done enough traveling for one lifetime, and if I never go anywhere again, I can't complain. Some people go their whole lives without finding their Pučišća. So I know how lucky I am," Rory Macleod once said. An American who, while exploring Croatia, came to Pučišća by bicycle. And he stayed.

Modest and unobtrusive, quiet and shy, hidden at the bottom of a deep bay, huddled between gentle hills and captured in the whiteness of the mist, Pučišća has been and remains an enchanted world throughout the centuries. A world where time has stopped long ago, a part of the universe that has yet to be found. It's not a place that reveals or offers itself. It doesn't brag or heave. It just waits patiently for you to find it.

What is it about this small place that is so different from any place else you've seen in your life? What story will the white stone roofs tell you, the compact peasant houses lying on the slopes of Bračuta, Mladinje and Lateša hills on top of each other, yet in perfect harmony, unique in their stone whiteness? They wink at each other behind the green shutters, whisper some forgotten story that echoes through the narrow streets descending steeply to the port.

Come with us on the journey of your life. Find Pučišća. Find the world for yourself.

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Official Pučišća Tourist Board

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