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Find Pučišća, find your own universe

It will be the beginning of love when you sail into this enchanted world. Here, alone with your thoughts, safe from storms and protected from all winds, you will find your hidden harbour. You will find the Mediterranean as it once was. You will learn the story of the primordial battle between man and stone, in which man still wins. Not because he is stronger, but because he is more persistent and because he knows that a persistent drop deepens even the stone. Time doesn't matter because time runs slower here. You will find your stone here, you will also find your time.

You will find a world for yourself, your own universe.

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Official Pučišća Tourist Board

Trg Hrvatskog skupa 1

21412 Pučišća

OIB: 18998435853

Tel: +385 21 633 555


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