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The expedition in the fourth episode of the series „Onet on tour. Dalmatia with Marcin Prokop“ starts straight from the calm surface of the sea to reach the picturesque land on the island of Brač by boat.

Visiting the village of Pučišća, you will be amazed by the stone carvings and the glitter of white stone on the surrounding buildings. Together we will learn the secrets of stonemasonry profession under the guidance o fan experienced craftsman at the Stonemasonry school. Afte ran intensive lesson, we will rest in the shade of the trees of the olive grove, from where we will go to the Olive Museum. There we will check the condition of Marcin, who will find out for himself how the liquid gold of Dalmatia was extracted in the past.

Material is made with funds of Tourist bord of the Split-dalmatia county.

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