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Find your time

Go for a morning jog along the Pučišća waterfront, through the shadow of the pine forest, all the way to the lighthouse at the top of the bay. Drink coffee under the tamarisk trees, watching the sun rise over the hills and illuminating the stone beauty. Meditate on the beach by the crystal-clear sea with a view of the ships that sail into the port, revealing a world from a fairy tale. Take an evening stroll accompanied by the sounds of Dalmatian music and the song of the klapa. Go for a night swim on the beach with a view of the small town falling into its summer sleep.

Your children will play carefree with our children, in the parks and on the beach. They will look forward to an evening of outdoor children's shows, playing water polo or attending swimming lessons. Want to compete in the traditional Pučišća triathlon or aquathlon? Maybe you will use your vacation to learn to carve? Maybe you want to improve your musical skills at the International Summer Music School? If you like meditating with a book, look for our local library "Hrvatski skup", founded way back in 1868 under the motto "A persistent drop deepens even the stone". Here is another interesting fact: over time, the people of Pučišća widely accepted this saying as the best expression of their persistence, so they carved it in stone in at least three places. Find those inscriptions and remember that a small persistent drop of water deepens even the stone!

Yes, we also know how to have fun. In addition to the traditional Dalmatian music on the Solina night, the sounds of our Brassčuta brass band and the klapa song, in Pučišća you will experience the unique Summer Night Disco Fever in the first days of August, when the whole place dances to the sounds of the 70s and 80s. If you like newer rhythms, there is a traditional Mahrinac party.

And so much more is like in the palm of your hand, because the whole of Brač is offered to you waiting to be discovered. Discover the Brač plateau and the beautiful old pastoral villages of Pražnica and Gornji Humac. From there, in about fifteen minutes, you can reach the famous Zlatni Rat (The Golden Horn) beach in Bol, and if you like sandy beaches, there is Lovrečina, about 10 kilometers west of Pučišća. You should definitely visit the Museum of the Island of Brač in Škrip and the Blaca Hermitage. A special experience is to climb Vidova Gora with a view that reaches all the way to Italy. For longer walks, the Via Brattia footpath awaits, and for those in search of challenges there are also numerous marked bicycle paths. If you arrive in Pučišća by boat, you will be welcomed by a safe and well-equipped port to which you will happily return. If you arrive by car or by plane, be sure to rent a boat or a scooter and you will discover a hidden bay waiting for you.

Anyhow, you will find a moment for yourself here, you will find your time.

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